It was a good race for both the WTR-Ten10 Racing Team riders in Le Mans as Alexis Masbou and Francesco Mauriello finished the race at 15th and 24th positions respectively.

Mauriello started the race from the 25th in the ninth row. Following the morning’s warm up run in 1’49, 958, a few adjustments were done to improve his ride. After some good laps with a small group that ran in 1’49, the rider finished the race in 24th position.

After an excellent warm up run this morning, Masbou started from the 19th position in 7th row and was immediately behind the fastest bikes on the track. With a good rhythm and some good turns, he was always at his best during the race before finishing in the 15th position and in the process gaining the first points for the team. It was in the final lap of the race that the winner Maverick Vinales passed Nicolas Terol, who finished at second place.

Now the team returns to base in Modena to prepare for the GP of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain to be held on June 5. We will have to see if Sarath Kumar overcomes the physical and psychological problems that deterred him from coming to this race in France and make it to Catalunya.

Alexis Masbou #10 – 15th position finish

I’m happy with the result. I got to work very well all weekend with Tiziano, my chief engineer two years ago. The bike was working pretty well and the engine was good. If we will do more work on the suspensions I can do even better. Of course, now I hope to have the opportunity to compete in other races in MotoGP.

Francesco Mauriello #43 – 24th position finish

The bike is very strong and the chassis is not bad. I made a good start and I immediately found in the group of knights centre. But some pilots touched each other and we all went off course and lost some positions. I still lack the pace and I can hardly keep up with the best. My commitment remains strong, certainly as it grows more will give more to the team and myself.