The second day of free practice has been more “peaceful” compared to yesterday as 125cc bikes run only one session of evening practice, the third on the schedule to be precise.

Our riders, although they have not clocked the proper times to get qualified in the free practice classification, keep significantly improving day by day. The 40-minute practice session has been fully used up for a total of 14 laps each, with no stops at the pit-box in order to allow the riders to run as much as possible.

Francesco is still facing a hard time due to which he cannot find the right pace, however the work done on track has been useful to collect data, a base for studying and working well for tomorrow’s qualifying.

Sarath, instead, has made up for the unlucky technical problem from yesterday, showing surprising progresses; he has considerably lowered his lap times as a result of the rider’s hard work together with the team and especially with his technical head, that are greatly supporting him in his “training”.

Francesco Mauriello #43 (2’16.222):
“Even though we could used up the whole session, the practice hasn’t been that good. Anyway there still is tomorrow to work better. Unfortunately I experience the same problems to the cycling system, moreover not knowing the track very well yet, we are exactly testing the right set-up although yesterday we worked well on the bike. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be better, especially because it’s the qualifying practice”.

Sarath Kumar #69 (2’19.133):
“Today has been very good; I’ve lowered my best lap time and tomorrow I want to push harder because I only need to get rid of a handful of seconds to be able to get qualified. I had more time to run unlike yesterday’s bad luck, so I got more confidence with the track, I got accustomed to the night lighting and I improved my riding style. My first race is an extremely important date for me, I want to be there so tomorrow I want to improve much more”.