It was not a very good qualifying session for Francesco Mauriello and Sturla Fagerhaug after they finished at 31st (1:47.198) and 29th (1:46.634) positions respectively. Zarco who took the pole position registered a very good time of 1:43.237, which was 82 milliseconds better than the qualifying time that Bradley Smith set last year.

With expected during the race tomorrow, it is expected that the 125 class race may take place without this variable.

Francesco Mauriello, 31st position on the grid with a time of 1:47.198

“I had some problems with the set up of my bike. Even yesterday it was like this and I was thinking that it was due to some problem in the front. Only today I realized that the problem arose instead from the rear. Now I hope that the problems are solved. We will see that tomorrow during the warm up.”

Sturla Fagerhaug, 29th position on the grid with the time of 1:46.634

“The bike was good but I was not able to make the correct trajectories. Towards the end of the turn I was able to follow more experienced drivers and I improved my lap time a little more. I hope tomorrow to be more effective.”