Fee: ₹ 10000.00 only*

Date: 1st December 2022

In this program, a rider is transformed into a motorcycle racing athlete by being a part of the team and training with the team. The curriculum doesn't just cover riding skills but also fitness, theory, mental strengthening, personality development, sponsorships and brand management, race craft and riding techniques. A complete transformation program from a rider to a champion racer spread over 2 years

Program Highlights:

✅ Online fitness sessions 

✅ Online theory sessions

✅ Weekly track training sessions 

✅ Online profile with assessment and grading system to track development 

✅ Monthly fitness assessment 

✅ Talented athletes can get up to 100% scholarship 

✅ Sponsorship guidance 

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Fee: ₹ 15000.00 only*

Date: 15th December 2022

An introductory certified training program for riders who want to become racers. The course curriculum consists of:

  • 2 hours theory session 
  • 5 hours track session 
  • 1 Online Evaluation 

This course will enable riders to get an FMSCI racing licence (restricted) and give them an opportunity to participate in the various national level motorcycle racing events. 

* Motorcycle and protective gears available on rentals at the training circuit. Charges extra

  • These are challenging and unpredictable times for the human race. The pandemic has kept us away from the things we love the most, like riding a motorcycle. Our love for motorcycles and racing is everlasting and as humans we evolve the way we do things. That is the triumph of the human spirit.

    Ten10 Racing offers a new method to share our racing expertise with racing aspiring talents through online sessions. Knowledge is priceless, unlimited and never stops from spreading. We believe it is more potent than the COVID-19 virus and the best part is that it can be shared without any worries.

    Our Director Ramji Govindarajan, who has over 23 years of experience in the digital space and 15 years experience in motorcycle racing has put together a program that is easy to understand and implement and is also cost effective to allow more people to pursue their racing dreams.

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